Local Government

Comprehensive risk mitigation solutions for a wide range of government entities, ensuring enhanced safety through expert recommendations, training, and strategic member partnerships.


Providing innovative risk mitigation solutions to educational institutions, focusing on safety analysis, evaluation, and training to ensure a secure learning environment for all.


Offering comprehensive risk mitigation solutions to utility districts, focusing on personalized risk assessment, safety, and responsibility, with support through the claims process for just outcomes.

Find Confidence With Us

The Safety Engineering Consultants team has devoted themselves to providing unsurpassed risk management by providing our members with the most responsive claims team and highest quality loss control services attainable. Our effective approach provides common-sense awareness to help manage the kind of behaviors that cause losses, failures, and lawsuits against their organizations.

About SEC

Safety Engineering Consultants is committed to offering our members throughout the state of Tennessee personalized, comprehensive, and informative loss control consulting services. We specialize in providing customized risk control services for Local Governments, Schools, and Utilities. We have designed our process to enable an organization to develop a work environment that encourages safe behaviors and a positive culture at all levels of their institution.