SEC develops personalized programs to ensure our member’s risks are mitigated and claims are handled suitably. As members of the community, we are proud of the relationships we’ve fostered.

Loss Control

SEC engages employees at all levels of our members’ organizations, which greatly improves the potential for safety success. Our unique safety engineering program is designed to empower our members to manage their risks and loss exposures by providing both the structure and tools of a formal risk control approach. Our analysis, inspection, and evaluation methodology has been designed to identify and assess the impact of loss exposures and risks of individual departments. The analysis and evaluation process helps prioritize those areas which we feel can provide the most economic benefit from further loss control activities. Audits and surveys may also be used on an ongoing basis to monitor the effectiveness of risk control or safety programs currently in place. We understand that employees need assistance in recognizing what is at stake for themselves, their families, their co-workers and their employers, and how to make the right choices when it comes to working safely. Our safety engineers use a proven process and methodology in their work.

Results are achieved by:

We work with our members as partners and consider them a part of our team. This team approach is the most successful method of assuring the success of the program, which consists of the following elements:

Safety Awareness

We teach members techniques to observe their own safety attitudes, thinking, and behaviors regarding safety. We help people learn how to identify early warning signs which could lead to an accident, failure, or lawsuit. The first step in creating safety awareness is a change in attitude toward safety concerns, then behavior changes can occur. 

Modifying At-Risk Behavior

We provide safety training with the intent of inducing behavior change in employees. The results are an overall safer environment and usually also include self-monitoring ability among the staff at all levels of an organization.

Personal Responsibility

Through specialized training and self-monitoring techniques, we increase the level of personal ownership and responsibility for safety. This is a key to influencing safe individual actions.